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Boost sales and get new customers with a Loyalty Funnel that works!

Review Management & Digital Marketing

True loyalty is all about engagement and building relationships with your customers. Boost your business by:

  1. Generating 5-Star Reviews effortlessly & automatically
  2. Turn your guest Wi-Fi into a marketing machine on auto-pilot
  3. Build customer loyalty with a fun and simple digital loyalty program

Build your marketing list, collect customer data, connect with your customers, view analytics, learn who your best customers are, send promotions and much, much more…


generate more reviews


Easily and effortlessly collect customer reviews automatically. Automate the acquisition process via email and print and create a lead page to help get those great reviews from happy customers.




Auto-magically build a an email list of every customer who walks in your door, WITHOUT asking them for their email!


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Using traditional advertising for people who do not fit your customer profile is expensive. Social Advertising gives you greater control.

Loyalty Marketing Services For The New Millennium. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gorilla Wi-Fi™  

Provide a valuable service to your customers. Automatically collect customer data and send automated marketing messages to your customers every time they connect or disconnect. 

Plus. protect your business Wi-Fi from risk with DNS filtering (bad sites) and a Terms of Service.

Gorilla Punch™  

Build customer retention and loyalty with digital punch cards embedded in your customers smartphones. Send offers and coupons and reward customers for spending money at your store. 

Use proximity marketing to send notifications when customers enter or leave a designated area in your store, in your neighborhood or city… even a competitor’s location.

Review Lead™  

Customers, and especially millennial shoppers rely on reviews more than ever to make a decision about shopping at a particular location. 

Protect your business and revenue by monitoring your reviews and increase sales as much as 5% – 9% by improving reviews and adding additional stars next to your name.

Facebook Advertising  

It sounds a little extreme or “pie in the sky” but there is literally no better way to advertise to the people who are looking for your business. 

We put your message in front of an exact match based on interests, demographic and geographic information of your best customers – and then finds other people who are just like them.

"Since working with Brian, we've seen our regular customers visiting more frequently and a steady flow of new customers each month. It's amazing how simple it is."
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Gary Decker
Restaurant Owner | Beach Pit BBQ

“Where does a 900lb. Gorilla sit?  … Anywhere he F#@king wants!”

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