We Create Moving Stories and Digital Marketing Campaigns That Turn Clicks Into Customers.

What Is 900lb. Gorilla?

Ever hear the saying, “You can’t ignore the 900 pound gorilla in the room?”

We help car dealerships stand out on social media and drive more customers and leads to your store.

We Turn Clicks Into Customers

We create video content and social media campaigns that kick-ass!

What We Do



It’s a complicated process that we make look effortless. Basically, we make your social media kick-ass so that your customers see you everywhere and you sell more cars.

We manage Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, YouTube advertising and create video content, that drives customers and phone calls into your store.

Brands I've worked with...

clients we worked with
clients we worked with

Here's How to Work With Us.

Step 1: Schedule a Call

Click the button to self schedule a consultation time that works best for you. On that discover call, we will discuss your needs and what your current marketing situation looks like. We will also discuss how video will work best in your business.

Step 2: Campaign Set Up

Once we get access to your social media accounts, we will begin creating the content and campaigns that will drive leads, phone calls and customers to your store.

Step 3: Manage and Optimize

We will monitor and optimize your campaigns and upload new content to keep the ads fresh and the leads pouring into your sales funnel.

making video marketing for local business

Video content shouldn't be hard

Are you having a difficult time making videos that get results? Are you a bit shy or afraid? Are you wondering “what the heck should I say?” 

Imagine creating simple videos that not only look great, but also attract your ideal clients and build your brand authority WITHOUT all the techy stuff.

I coach Realtors, entrepreneurs and business owner how to start using video marketing to effectively attract their ideal clients. 

You don’t need to know any technical stuff like editing or camera setting. I can show you how to shoot compelling videos on your iPhone and my team will handle the rest. 

Facebook Made Simple...

Facebook (and Instagram) is the most effective tool for distributing content and increasing brand awareness. For Real Estate Agents or Business Owners, Facebook Videos can target a small radius of your local area, ensuring your brand is always showing in your target neighborhood.

For Entrepreneurs and Influencers, video content on Facebook and IG if the fastest way to build your personal brand and create and imact. 

Let me show you the simple way to use Ads Manager, Audience Targeting, Ad Sets and Custom Audiences and more.

Restaurant SEO and restaurant Marketing in Orange County, CA

Our social media has grown and we have so many new customers... it's incredible, I wish we would have done this years ago.

Gary Decker

Business Owner

video marketing testimonial

I closed a $2M listing with a video marketing campaign Brian did, and my prospect leads have tripled... My clients are loving all my new video content...

Joe Orozco

Real Estate Agent

We get 30-40 new leads and customers every month, straight from Facebook and Instagram. 

Cheryl Walker

Business Owner

About Brian...

I’ve been a video producer, editor and post-production coordinator working in film and television since 1995

I’ve worked as executive producer on many music videos and some of the biggest bands of the 90’s. Also a lot of and TV commercials and infomercials. 

Working with many of the top infomercial production companies, I learned the “formula” of direct-marketing and selling through the use of video.

I’m also co-owner of a local BBQ restaurant, and have been involved in many real estate investments and ‘house flipping’.

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