Is Facebook Boosted Posts Worth It for Restaurant Marketing

Is Facebook Boosted Posts Worth It for Restaurant Marketing

Are you currently running Facebook ads for your restaurant? If not, are you seriously considering it? Facebook ads seem to be a popular choice for many businesses and restaurant owners today and there is a good reason for that.


But, many advertisers new to Facebook usually begin with the easy to use Boost Post because it can be used directly from the page interface. If you are one of those Facebook advertisers using Boost Posts, you might be wondering if you are getting value for your money.

This post will take a look at the following:

  1. Suppose you are wasting money on boost posts Facebook ads? Are you missing out on the real power Facebook ads can deliver to your business? We’ll take a closer look.
  2. Some more effective Facebook ad campaigns that are better for driving leads, awareness, sales, video views etc. to your business
  3. When you do a Boosted Post on Facebook, where does it actually go? Learn about other campaigns that are more cost effective at increasing your business.
  4. When is the best time to boost posts?

For businesses that know how to use the ad platform on Facebook, it is their secret weapon for marketing their products or services to a highly targeted audience – from restaurants to senior care centers, real estate agents, investors and brokers, massage therapists, plumbers, lawyers, electricians, dentists, e-commerce, and much more.

The Facebook advertising platform is unique in the way that it can advertise to a highly targeted audience like no other platform can even come close to.

The psycho-demographic info available on Facebook is staggering. You can get details on people’s behaviors, their interests, household income, likes and dislikes, gender, age, political leanings, religious beliefs, marital status, kids or no kids, college education and so much more. There are virtually a limitless number of unique targeting options available to advertisers like YOU!

Facebook Boosted Posts: proceed with CAUTION.

There is an overwhelming amount of info and options for targeting within the Facebook platform that can be used for targeted marketing. Facebook is fully aware of this and the reason why they made the Boost Post option directly from the page interface as seen in the screenshot below from my company page.


Boosted Posts on Facebook are a great option if you are running the “dollar per day” strategy. Otherwise, they can easily suck your marketing and advertising money and you can easily spend lots of money without getting the desired results.


If Boosted Posts is your only advertising strategy on Facebook, you are not using the full potential that Facebook has to offer.

Facebook’s page interface advertising is very simple to use (as opposed to using the ad manager or Power Editor to set up campaigns) and they have limited the advertiser options.

This was no accident and was done deliberately by Facebook.

Facebook offers over 17 different marketing objectives and you will not find a single one in Boosting Posts and running ads from the page interface. The following is a campaign objective screenshot that Facebook provides to advertisers who are not running ads from the page interface using Boost Post.

how to run facebook ads for restaurants

Figure 2: Facebook Marketing Objectives Only Offered In Ad Manager or Power Editor


Facebook wishes to make marketing and advertising as easily accessible and simple to implement as they can for the biggest group of marketers and website admins. If you as a newbie advertiser with very little practical experience and were given 17 different marketing goals to choose from right away, most people would probably run away as quickly as they could – it would just be too overwhelming!

Listed below are 3 in depth reasons why you should pause your boosted posts and think about taking your Facebook advertising campaigns to the next stage.

Three Reasons Why Boosted Posts Are Not Good Marketing Tools

1) Limited Objectives

There are many more powerful and effective alternatives to you for your advertising needs. Boosted posts are only one of twenty various marketing objectives Facebook offers internet marketers. Most of Facebook’s other marketing tools can assist you to reach business objectives that Boosted Posts simply will not, like leads, sales, brand name awareness, boosting video views, and much more. Take a look at these Facebook advertising and marketing plans and related goals to provide an example:

  • Video Views: focused on increasing your video views
  • Traffic (previously known as Clicks To Website): focused on driving traffic to a landing page of a website
  • Conversions (or Lead Ads): made to capture visitor information (especially emails) from Facebook users
  • Brand Awareness: target your ad to people who are interested in your offer and are most likely to respond


There were only a few the marketing objectives offered inside Facebook for your business that provides more value than Boosted Post.

When you are working from the interface of your page to increase your page’s posts when compared to using ad manager or Power Editor, those additional marketing alternatives are unavailable to you.

Below is an organic post from my website with the Boost Post button approach.

If you click the Boost Post button from a post on your page, this is usually what you notice (I have Custom Audiences shown below that you simply won’t have.)


You don’t get any other marketing objectives – no options to increase video views, increase your brand awareness or directing visitors to your website.

Testing Facebook Ads Emphasize Why Several Other Marketing Objectives Are More Powerful

To discover the most effective strategies at our agency, we test everything. Our test compared Facebook’s key performance indicators (KPIs) to four other Facebook campaign objectives:

  • Boost Post (Post engagement)
  • Brand Awareness
  • Clicks to website (now known as Traffic)
  • Local Awareness (this campaign objective is not available anymore, but was available at the time we did our test)


Every other variable was kept consistent (specifically ad creative, ad spend, geographic targeting, target audience).  The only variable we changed within Facebook was the marketing objective. Our Facebook ad test results are shown in the table below. The KPIs we used for comparison in the ad test were:

  • Reach: how many unique individuals the ad was displayed to
  • Impressions: how many times the ad was shown to a Facebook user
  • Link clicks: clicks to the website
  • Post engagement: people commenting, clicking “like” or sharing
  • CPC: cost per click
  • CPE: cost per engagement

Facebook ads for local businesses and restaurants

Facebook ads evaluation when you compare campaign objectives (Local Awareness is not offered anymore and Clicks to Website has become Traffic).


The green highlighted cells are the ones with the highest amount for that KPI.


The results of the test show that KPIs fluctuate considerably according to the marketing objective. The takeaway is that you have to carefully select your marketing objectives for your ads based on the business objectives you are aiming for.


If your objective was to send visitors to a squeeze page on your website, the Traffic objective (previously called, Clicks To Website objective) offered the lowest CPC and most clicks to links by a substantial amount when compared with the other objectives of this evaluation. Traffic (previously called, Clicks To Website) likewise had the second most effective Reach (i.e. the volume of unique people who spotted the ad serving) as well as the second most impressions. Even so, this outcome seems sensible – Traffic was operating the way Facebook intended it to, that is definitely to efficiently send visitors to your landing page. If you made use of Boost Post your KPIs are quite different as proven in the table.

Every marketing objective optimizes for different criteria.

2) Engagement Doesn’t Equals Sales

The aim of Boosted Posts are engagements (actually vanity metrics) and are only relevant to the 16% of Facebook users who are most likely to interact with the ad (as per our company’s Facebook account manager).  If that is your goad then this is fine, however, engagement does not equate to more sales, extended reach, better conversions, or increased brand awareness when compared with other campaign objectives that are more effective which are marketing objectives that are more effective, particularly if you want to increase sales.

Boosted posts only focus on post engagement, while all of Facebook’s marketing objectives are made for a specific goal. If you are focused on increasing profits for your business, engagement is not the best objective to go after.

When it comes to Boosted Posts, this is what our company’s Facebook account manager said:

You are targeting engagement heavy users and this does not correlate with purchase intent, brand recognition, etc. Instead, it is solely focused on those who tend to react or “like” anything.

WOW!! Are you willing to invest your ad budget to focus on people who would “like” almost any post?

3) Limited Audience Targeting

If you use your page interface to boost a post, the targeting choices are even more limited (compared to running ads using Power Editor or the ad manager) because you are unable to test the various kinds of creatives (text, photos, videos) or bidding types.


When you are in Power Editor or Ad Manager, you can choose to test creatives, alter the bidding options and many advertising features that you won’t get by just using your page interface to boost posts.

Do Boosted Posts Have any Good Uses? Who Sees Them Anyhow?

Boosted Posts are best used for increasing your visibility in the organic news feeds and to send a message to your prospective clients. The most engaging fans are the ones with the higher likelihood of seeing your boosted post, you know the social butterflies, the ones who would “like” almost anything and would probably engage with your post irrespective of what it is about.

Keep in mind that just increasing your fan base isn’t a good investment either – take a look at my comprehensive post on why spending advertising money on growing your Facebook fans is a waste.

In conclusion, if your main Facebook ad strategy is running boosted posts, you need to elevate your Facebook ad game and look into the much more effective Facebook campaign objectives. Remember that with boosted posts you will only get vanity metrics that will do nothing to increase your profits.