We Are Hiring!


  • Do you love social media?
  • Passionate helping local businesses get more client and make more money?
  • Excellent sales and people skills?


If you’re good and you know it, we need to talk!

Do you have a passion for social media marketing and generating leads for local business using online technology?

We are expanding our sales staff and seeking highly motivated sales representatives. You have the opportunity to work for the coolest, independent digital marketing agency in the world! (yea you!)

We are offering outrageous, monthly residual commissions, plus possible quarterly bonus to the leader. Average sales person can make $100k+ in first year.

Anyone who is already self employed offering SEO or social media management to local businesses is encouraged to call.

We sell a state of the art WiFi system to local brick & mortar retailers. It will revolutionize the way they communicate with their customers. It is a virtual “lead generating machine on auto-pilot”.

It will capture a customer’s social media info and offer them loyalty rewards, digital coupons, social media growth and integrated Facebook advertising.

You are helping that local business to make money! It will make the local retailer more money and grow their business. 

It can be sold as DIY, meaning the client manages it themselves and you focus on selling, or you can up sell managed services for your own business (i.e. social media management) and manage campaigns for them and up sell other social media services you might offer.

There are TWO options:

  1. Sales Rep: Sell this as a marketing sales rep for our company,
  2. Social Media Freelancer: Bundle our system into your own social media packages. Sell it as your own offering.

The choice is yours. You will be working as an independent sales rep and work from home and sell in any city you like. This service works worldwide.


  • Making outbound calls (over the phone and/or in person) to local retail stores, i.e. restaurants, sports bars, gyms, crossfit, salons, car washes, museums, sporting venues, nightclubs, etc. I recommend that you have sales experience and skilled in building quick rapport with clients.
  • Educate your clients and help them see the benefits of using our products and services to increase their business. (or sell this as part of your own marketing package) 
  • Provide an honest approach and set realistic expectations to your client, you must have good character and high integrity to do the right thing – always.
  • You must be highly motivated, with a positive attitude, have a strong work ethic and be very resilient. We’ll help you with this because we’re a fun group to work with!
  • Self-education is powerful, so you must be willing to educate yourself on the industry, our client types and our product offerings.
  • Ongoing training — you must be coach-able and willing to sharpen your sales skills often.

WHO NEEDS THIS? Who Do You Sell To?

  • Businesses With Repeat Customers | Restaurants, coffee shops, retail, barber shops
  • Businesses With Long Customers Wait Times | Auto dealers, repair shops, car washes, doctors office
  • Businesses With Extended Customers Stays | Hotels, salons, bowling alleys, sports venues, churches, parks, museums


If you have what it takes, expect to make as much as you want, but here is the average earnings…


  • The Average sale is $290 per month.
  • You make 70% or $200 per sale, when a customer signs up (first month).
  • average sales of 1 to 2 per day – 20 to 40 per month.
  • You make 30% or $90 every month for as long as they stay on as a client.

If you average 10 sale per month (almost the minimum),  by year end your annual is about $140k per year.


Send resumes to the email on this post.

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